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As your trusted partner in business finance, we are dedicated to fueling innovation and driving financial success for African businesses. With our personalized approach and expert guidance, we support your growth journey, helping you make informed decisions and achieve your financial goals.

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Our Services

We understand the unique requirements of innovators in this field and work diligently and we provide support as they navigate their unique financial landscape by offering these services which can be tailored to your business financial needs.

  • Bookkeeping

     Keeping accurate financial records is critical for any business, especially for start-ups. Our bookkeeping services ensure your financial records are organized, up to date, and aligned with standard reporting requirements.

  • Tax Advisory & Compliance

     Understanding your business's tax obligations and standing is essential. With our team of experienced tax professionals, we not only focus on minimizing tax obligations but ensuring you are always in compliance.

  • Financial Structuring & Advisory

    Strategic financial advice and structure is crucial for business growth.Working with us, your start-up will benefit from structuring advice that can optimize your cash flow, financial reporting, and processes for business success.

  • Financial Planning & Analysis

     For new businesses, navigating the ever-changing financial landscape in Africa can be a daunting task. But with our team of experts, you can gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of your financial position and growth potential. Our insightful forecasting, budgeting, and financial modelling services are designed to help you thrive in this dynamic environment.

  • The Virtual CFO

     As a business owner, you understand the importance of having a CFO's expertise, but hiring a full-time CFO may not be feasible. We offer you access to a team of experienced financial professionals dedicated to providing strategic financial guidance tailored to your specific business needs.

  • Payroll Management

    Our priority is to guarantee that your staff receives accurate and timely payments while managing all necessary legal filings mandated by relevant authorities.

Why Choose Smile Bookkeepers

Smile Bookkeepers specialise in catering to the unique financial needs of small, medium and large-scale businesses in Africa. We offer a comprehensive service suite that combines traditional accounting practices with cutting-edge technology solutions.

  • Automation

    By employing the best financial management systems and practices, we leverage the power of technology to automate your accounting processes, minimize errors and save you valuable time. 

  • Business Intelligence

    We provide you with real-time access to crucial financial metrics so you can make data-driven decisions with confidence. 

  • Compliance

    As experts in financial regulations, we ensure that your start-up remains fully compliant with ever-changing tax laws and reporting requirements. 

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About Us

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Our passion for numbers is matched only by our commitment to your business's growth.

We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who employ the use of technology to crunch numbers, fuel your innovations and navigate your business’ financial journey to success. 

Our philosophy revolves around fostering business growth for small, medium and large-scale businesses across Africa.

You are not just getting a service – you're gaining a team that genuinely cares about your business's financial growth.

Our Partners On A Journey To Financial Success

  • We support these businesses in their varying sectors of Finance, E-Commerce and DeFi.
  • We assure our partners of our commitment to ensure they remain in the 20%.

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